Thursday, November 09, 2006

Voice Art Throw Pillows -

Check these awesome, beautiful and artistic pillows. Excellent way to add life, style, originality, and pure and simple art to your home, dorm room or even floor.

Here is a quote from the artist, Phillip Martin Chavez about his artwork: "My inspiration for my Voiceart comes from numerous places. One inspirational aspect is my Native American roots (Apache and Navajo) also my Mexican heritage. I have many "Southwestern style pieces". Another inspirational aspect comes from my disability which makes me work within limited parameters. This kind of "forces" me to do more with less which fits right in with my Buckminser Fuller teachings. Another aspect which has surely inspired me was the death of my wife, brother and close cousin in the same year (1998) which was truly the catalyst for me starting my Voiceart. I needed a place to channel my grief and this became the vehicle. Growing up I was always drawing but after becoming disabled at 17 years old that ended.

After technology caught up with me I had a lifetime of art backed up. When I started making my Voiceart it was like opening flood gates. It was quite amazing how many pieces I created in such a short period of time especially considering many took 50 hours or more. Another inspirational aspect is I come from a family where most of my relatives were in the contact lens business and optical related businesses. I'm very visually oriented and it comes across in many of my "optical" pieces."

Click on any of the pillows to see it larger and to add this incredible art to your home.

I hope you enjoyed these pillows. This blog is all about one thing - simply the best of the best pillows available anywhere throughout the web. I personally hand select each pillow. It is the little touches that make the difference between a professional interior designer and an ordinary bland decor.

Check through the archives and bookmark this site to keep up with the absolute best of the best pillows.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Never Underestimate the comfort and ease of a huge floor pillow

Here are some of the best Floor Pillows Ever.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Zen Pillows with a graphic Modern art twist

Everybody loves Zen, including really bad designers. I sorted through no fewer than 640 designs to find these top of the top designs.

Super black and white graphic.

Modern mandala - Vivid Modern Zen

The classic Earth as a yin yang - it is a common design but this is one of nicest I have seen.

There is no reason why you can't have hip Warhol style art combined with Buddha.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vintage PinUp Girl Pillows

I searched through no less than 1500 pinup girl designs to find the best of the best. Vintage pinup girls are unique in that, while they were quite risque when the first became popular in the 50's, by today's standards they are pleasantly quant. Now they easily fit into a classy decor and even show a sense of style. Sexy but still high class.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pillows made from original abstract paintings - Gordon Powles

I found these awesome abstract pillows from an artist named Gordon
Powles. These three pillows are from his original artwork and while this blog is solely dedicated to the best of pillows, I think the designs look good on a variety of products. The second pillow listed here is an incredible, stand out, knock out pillow design.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MOD at its finest. Bright Bold Mod Style Pillows.

Mod is a simple, graphic, bold, sophisticated style that appeals to modernists and minimalists. clean, simple exciting. Imagine one of these in your home! Transform ordinary boring couches or create a beautiful sitting area ANYWHERE.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Venice Beach Graffiti Art Pillows

These pillows simply look great. Bold, Raw, Urban, Young. A unique gift for that one of kind college student.

(This one might not be so good for the fengshui but the colors are awesome if you can handle it)

Best Pillows Ever Blog is about one thing only - The best pillows ever. I, Amecus J., personally search through several hundred pillow designs before I list a single one on this blog. And if I can't find a one of the best pillows ever then I don't list. So you will see some days where there are no new blogs. Rest assured when I find that super great pillow, I will let you know. Save yourself the time and the hassle and check back here often. New interior designers, this is a great way to shortcut finding the perfect accent to that super hot sofa. If you have found a pillow that you think is among the best of the best - drop me a line. If it is the best of the best I'll include it. If not I won't.

Happy decorating!!! Wishing you and yours a home that inspires.